N*ITIAL  Bracelet or Necklace "P"  gold
N*ITIAL  Bracelet or Necklace "P"  gold
N*ITIAL  Bracelet or Necklace "P"  gold
N*ITIAL  Bracelet or Necklace "P"  gold

N*ITIAL Bracelet or Necklace "P" gold

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Cool Accessoire with your initials: gold "P" letters-cube with elastic, thin wristband or with golden stainless steel necklace.

wrapped on the "FOR YOU WITH LOVE" Card

high quality stainless steel / diameter 5,5mm x 5,5mm

3 sides of the cube with letter "P", 1 side "Viennina" Logo. (letters are lasered into the stainless steel)

You can choose between 4 different wristband-colors.
The bands are made of elastic fabrics. For the N*itial Design we only use "Fitwear" band

We adapt the length and the width to the N*itial design, therefore the bands are different in size to other VIENNINA Designs.

here you find additional bands. Please select "Fit Wear" Bands for the N*itial Design, as they fit best to this design.

As we always leave the band a bit longer than necessary, you can adjust it perfectly to your wrist. Also, feel free to cut off the excess length, if needed. 

TIPP: Adapt the band tight to your wrist (works best with the moveable knot), so that the tag won't slip.

As the cubes are very small, this accessoire can be easily swallowed by small children

You need a bracelet or necklace with more than one cube?

Please send your request to mail@viennina.com 

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Über uns

Als spontane Idee entstanden und zum langfristigen Herzensprojekt geworden: VIENNINA, das Label der Moderatorin und Filmemacherin Nina Saurugg.

Inspirierende Statements, motivierende Worte, positive Affirmationen - kombiniert mit stylischen, bunten Bändern.